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find your flow

calm your mind | embrace your body | feel into your heart | transform your wounds

guided by Karen Iles


Life is beautiful, but it can be hard too, right?

Relationships with your partner or family to negotiate. Pressure or uncertainty in your career. Challenges in your home-life and health worries. 

And life can also bring loss, trauma and disappointment. These can leave you struggling, or make you question your future and purpose.

Thankfully, with the right tools and practice, you can keep coming back to moments of presence and calm. You can connect to your inner knowing.


And when you commit to deepening your relationship with yourself, your whole life can improve.

Reveal the answers within yourself


Your breath is so powerful that it can re-balance your nervous system, uncover insights, and lead to deep relaxation for body and mind. Discover this potential in my group or 121 sessions.

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1-2-1s online and in-person

Work with Karen directly for impactful, individual support on your journey towards more presence, relaxation and living your potential.

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Book a 121 or workplace yoga session with Karen.


Practice in the comfort of your own home with free recorded classes.

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I can breathe and I feel that I've removed some emotional and mental blockages.

I felt safe and protected at all times.

Loved the experience!

I can honestly say it exceeded my expectations in every way.

We didn’t just get lucky, it was Karen’s enormous thought and preparation in the planning, her incredible talent to make us all feel so safe, combined with her wealth of experience.

Karen L.

Retreat attendee

By the time we have finished I am relaxed, mindful and really do feel like I am getting in touch with my inner self.

I have seen real gains in not only my physical capability but my mental state too, which has positively impacted all areas of my life.

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