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Breathe into your power

Breathwork is a powerful self-healing practice that can provide a fast-track to presence, release tension in your body, and restore balance in your nervous system.

It is accessible for those who struggle with a busy mind in meditation or daily life, and as the breath takes us to deeper levels of consciousness, it can lead to moments of insight, and often transformation.

Using the breath and altered states of consciousness to heal, and to enhance body, mind and spirit, has been practiced around the world for millennia.


Now recent research findings indicate that breathwork may be effective for treating anxiety, depression, and trauma.

If you haven't experienced conscious connected breath, this is not breathing as you know it. The power of breathwork has to be experienced to be believed.

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Group breathwork journey

Saturday 8 June 2024, 3.15-5.30pm

St Mary and St John Church, Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1XG

Journey into your inner world with your breath and find greater connection with your body, emotions and subconscious. Breathwork is a powerful way to embark on a journey of self-exploration, compassion and healing.

What will happen in the session?

  • We'll connect the group and drop into our body and breath

  • You’ll be introduced to the simple conscious breathwork technique

  • You will be supported on your inner journey with the breath through spoken guidance and evocative music. Most people lie down for the session.

  • There will be time at the end to share experiences.

Learn more and book your place >


Breathwork 1-2-1s

Work with me directly for impactful, individual support on your journey towards better health and welcoming more happiness.

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My training

I first discovered Breathwork in early 2015, at an Alchemy of Breath workshop in Bali. The practice was so transformative that in 2016-17 I trained as an Alchemy of Breath Facilitator with the founder, Anthony Abbagnano. In 2020-21 I completed a second training to become an Alchemy of Breath Certified Practitioner.

In 2019 I began to practice Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System (BBTRS) for my own healing. In January 2020 I completed the BBTRS Level One training.


I can breathe and I feel that I've removed some emotional and mental blockages.

I felt safe and protected at all times.

Loved the experience!

Serena T.

I have joined the last two Breathwork at Home sessions after reading a recommendation/great feedback.


I have thoroughly enjoyed the way Karen guides us calmly and easily through movement and breathwork.


Karen explains the process, effects and prompts us throughout. She has a soothing and kind voice that calms and inspires. At the end, I feel calm and energised.

Sonia L.

I absolutely love my weekly Breathwork session with Karen and would highly recommend her sessions.


Karen is incredibly thorough in explaining the benefits of the practice as well as encouraging each person throughout. Karen makes everyone feel welcome and at ease which has created a real community.


Breathwork is like nothing I have tried before and I can honestly say it brings a real sense of calm and serenity.

Kate R.

Breathwork in the media

The Guardian

“It is claimed that ‘breathwork’ can help improve our sleep, digestion, immune and respiratory functions, while reducing our blood pressure and anxiety. All of which, in the midst of a pandemic, sounds more appealing than ever."

The Evening Standard


”...put simply, it’s a safe and natural tool for feeling high, energetic, joyful, clear and relaxed.”

“ ...I suppose the most common side effects are feelings of relief, freedom, love and clarity.”

Women’s Health

”Master the art of breathing and you've got your own little defence mechanism in place for times of overwhelm: whether you're standing on a crowded tram platform or have just received a dressing down from your boss.”

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