Video: Let your body go wild so your mind is calm

This isn’t dancing to look good. This is moving my body to express how I feel, moving my body as it craves, giving myself the best self care I know in hard times.

This has been my medicine for the last three months: dancing, breathing, shaking. It has become more important for my mental wellbeing than yoga. It brings me the biggest shifts, and when I don’t do it for a few days, I can tell.

If you’re anxious or sad or angry try 15 minutes shaking full body, 15 minutes movement/dance (just doing whatever the body wants) and 15 minutes stillness (sitting or lying).

Deep breaths all the way through and move your mouth and face too - so much tension there. Make noise! Tears or emotions may come, let them out.

Let your wild animal body be free for a while!


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