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Video: Ujjayi breath. The number one Yogic tool for anxiety?

Get present and soothe your nervous system with this video tutorial for a breath you can do anytime, anywhere.

Ujjayi breath is a yogic breathing technique that will help to calm your nervous system. You can use this for your physical yoga practice (asana - postures), when seated in meditation, or even when you are walking or going around your daily life.

Ujjayi breath translates as Victorious breath, but is also known as Ocean breathing because of its distinctive sound. You might compare it to the distant sound of the sea that you can hear when you put your ear to a seashell or, when it is done more vigorously - the breath of Darth Vader.

This sound and the feeling of the breath in your throat can help focus your mind and bring you into present moment awareness. This is particularly helpful if your mind is racing or distracted. The elongated exhale will help soothe you in moments of stress, as the nervous system signals it's safe to relax. You're not running away from any tigers if you are breathing slowly.

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