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A practice to connect with the steadying and supportive nature of the ground, and our own lower body. Also includes free movement and shaking to release tension and anxiety, and stretches to ease tightness in the shoulders, upper back and chest. The practice should leave you feeling more calm and balanced.


You will have the option to download a file to view any time, including offline, or you can stream the class as many times as you wish from the link provided.


0-10 mins Bringing the breath down to the belly and earth connection

10-22 mins Warm up (sufi circles, half forward fold, stargazer, child's pose and twist, cat/cow, lion's breath)

22-27 mins Core strength and backbends

27-30 mins Yin shoulder stretch (puppy dog pose)

30-33 mins Downdog, plank to standing

33-43 mins Standing sequence (tree pose, warrior 2, triangle pose, forearm plank (optional) and sphinx)

43-55 mins Free movement

55-1.03 Closing postures (squat, forward fold, reverse table top or plank, happy baby, reclined twist)

1.03-1.10 Savasana and 3 oms

Soothing Yoga: A grounding practice

  • By taking this class you agree to the terms and conditions of participation. Please review these before taking part.

    This class is copwrite of Flow of Potential and intended for personal use by the puchaser ony, wider distribution is not permitted.

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