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This practice will help you to release tension from your shoulders and hips, and to burn off anxious energy, whilst building your strength.


It begins with an instruction of ujjayi breath, which can be used throughout the practice. This is one of the most effective breath techniques for reducing anxiety. It also includes free dance, and a short self-love practice to soothe and nourish yourself.


You will receive a zipped folder with a file of the video you can save, and a link to stream the video as many times as your want.


0-5m Standing ujjayi breath

5-10m Fluid movement, enhancing shoulder mobility

10-13m Anxiety release: Chair pose and standing forward fold

13-17m Hip stretches: low lunge and lizard pose

17-18m Backbend - cobra pose 18-22m

Spine mobility: cat/cow and child's pose, downdog to stand

23-27m Hip stretches: low lunge and lizard pose (second side)

27-28m Backbends: cobra to child's pose

29-31m Strength: Downdog, plank, to stand

31-37m Standing sequence. High lunge, warrior and reverse warrior

37-38m Downdog, optional forearm plank

38-40m Sphinx and backbends, child's pose 4

0-52m Free movement and self-love practice

52-54m Standing balance: figure of 4

54-1.02m Yin side stretch & standing forward folds

1.02-1.03 Reclined twist Savasana & close

Soothing Yoga: Release anxiety & tension

  • By taking this class you agree to the terms and conditions of participation. Please review these before taking part.

    This class is copwrite of Flow of Potential and intended for personal use by the puchaser ony, wider distribution is not permitted.

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