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A slow but energising practice, with sun salutations with dynamic options to build stregnth and burn anxious energy. Includes free movement and shaking. We start by targeting tight places in the shoulders, we move into awakening sun salutations, and finish with yin stretches to release around the hips, a spot that often holds our emotional tension.


You will have the option to download a file to view any time, including offline, or you can stream the class as many times as you wish from the link provided.


0-8 mins Breath awareness (ujjayi technique and bringing breath down to reduce feelings of stress) 

8-16 mins Opening stretches (shoulders and hips, gate pose, child's pose)

16 - 39 mins Sun salutations with dynamic variations for stregnth (downward facing dog, lunges, plank and backbends)

39-52 mins Free movement and shaking

52-57 mins Standing balances (tree pose and figure of 4 stretch)

57-1.07 Hip stretches (lizard lunge and pigeon pose - figure of 4 stretch on back is alternative pose)

1.07-1.09 Kneeling twist

1.09-1.16 Savasana & closing (Poem: 'The Precious Human Body')

Soothing Yoga: Stretch out, stress less

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