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Walk Your Own Path

Welcome to your 8-week 121 journey

Congratulations on taking this step for you. For choosing to connect more deeply with your body and soul.

This is your resource centre. This is a menu where you can come for support, or in any spare moments, during these 8-weeks and beyond.


Don't feel any pressure to do too much, or guilt if some weeks you have less time. This is your journey, you cannot be behind.

More yoga recordings, a breathwork audio, an additional yoga nidra, and more, will be added for you as we progress.

Honesty and good communication is key to this journey. If you have questions or there's anything you need please email

If you want to learn more about the co-commitments from the book Conscious Loving, you can read more here.

Yoga practices

All of these practices are intended to be breath-focused and calming for the nervous system.

Soothing Yoga

These practices were designed for the morning (but can be done any time, unless you have insomnia) and are a little more energising, including dancing and shaking.

Music playlist (you will need to stop this for the dancing)


Soothing Yoga: A simple introductory practice (1hr 06mins)

Soothing Yoga: Grounding Practice  (1hr 10mins)

Soothing Yoga: Release anxiety & tension -  hips focus

(1h 12mins)


Yoga for Relaxation & Release

are more appropriate for the evening or times when you wish to calm yourself, slow down and unwind.

Music playlist

Yoga for Relaxation & Release: Grounding practice (1hr)

Yoga for Relaxation & Release: Hips, womb space & belly (1hr 03 mins)

Yoga for Relaxation & Release: Svadistahana (2nd chakra) Hips & the element of water (1hr 02 mins)

Yoga for Relaxation & Release: Gentle Heart Opening (1hr 05 mins)

Discover more about your menstrual cycle:

Red School & the book Wild Power

Period Power by Maisie Hill

Read more on my blog about grounding


Journalling prompts


  • How does it feel in your body when you are 'grounded'? (It might help to write this after the grounding meditation or yoga practices. Describe the specific sensations in your body, rather than external instructions)

  • Can you notice when you are ungrounded/need more grounding this week? (may include lost in looping thoughts or emotion, not present in your body, reactive, clumsy, numb). How does your body feel? Was there a cause?

  • What ways do you find pleasurable to ground in your body? Might include salt baths, gardening, eating plant-based food, walking, yoga, dance, being in nature etc. Could you incorporate any of these into your life more?

Your womb space:

  • What is the story of your womb space? What pleasure and pain have you experienced here? What has it created?

  • Can you tune into this area? How does it feel physically? Are there any emotions held there? Any messages?

  • Do you have a monthly bleed cycle? What are the effects - physical, emotional and mental?