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1-2-1 Sessions

Invest in the support to reveal your potential


Do you feel stuck, or are you struggling in some way? Do you sense you have greater potential that you are not yet tapped into? 121 sessions will give you a dedicated and supported space to heal, develop and grow.


Together we will uncover the  strength, clarity and calm that is within you, by addressing your needs - body, mind and soul.

You can start with a one-off introductory session, and then 121s are sold in packs of five, so that we can work through a programme that will have a noticeable impact on your life, and begin your process of transformation. Together we can decide what is the best mix of modalities to meet your unique needs.


Areas of my expertise include:

 - Reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety, and addressing overwhelm and mild depression

 - Responding to grief, loss and heartbreak

 - Increasing self-love, confidence and personal power

 - Using breathwork for deep emotional healing.

If you would like to work together in a small group please get in touch.

Breathwork online and in person

1.5 - 2 hrs inital session: £60.00 online or £80.00 in-person


5 sessions: £280 online or £350 in-person

Address specific emotional or physical issues with breath and movement, for better health and wellbeing.


Includes breath analysis to identify what will most help you from a range of breath practices.

Learn how to safely practice breathwork alone and how to incorporate this into your daily life.

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Yoga online and in-person

1 hr initial session: £45.00 online or £55.00 in-person


5 sessions: £195 online or £250 in-person

Develop a personalised sequence that you can use at home.


Find a safe practice for your body, that also challenges you to progress.

Replace anxiety, stress and insomnia, with feelings of calm, confidence and wellbeing.


Karen put together the perfect combination of Yin, Hatha, breathing and meditation for me, so that I was able to relax, find my inner centre of gravity and regain strength.


I have found Karen’s private tuition characterised by knowledge, kindness, and the ability to really listen to her clients.

Anna H.

My 121 time with Karen allowed me to ask all the questions I wanted without disrupting the group class.


I could focus on specific things I wanted to improve on, particularly trying to get my breath more in sync with the flow of the yoga postures.


I also learnt a basic flow of positions so I could do more yoga at home by myself in between classes. I really enjoyed it!

Helen W.

I was given some sessions with Karen as a Christmas present.


After just a few sessions, I was amazed how much better I felt and how much more confidence I'd gained.


I'm definitely a convert and couldn't praise Karen enough.

Dan R.

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