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This practice includes balance and challenge postures (side plank variations and wild thing optional) to focus a busy mind, and to remind us that we have the courage to hold steady in uncertainty! 


The class starts in a comfortable seated position, with breath and body awareness to calm you mind. We'll warm up with stretches for the shoulders, chest and upper back - ideal for office workers, before moving onto the hips!


You will receive a zipped folder with a file of the video you can save, and a link to stream the video as many times as your want.


0-6 mins Breath and body awareness

6-10 mins Shoulder, chest & upper back stretches

10-14 mins Child's pose & cat/cow variations

14-23 mins Hip exercises and supported side plank

23-25 mins Downdog, plank to standing

25-41 mins Active balance sequence: Tree - high lunge - warrior 2 - reverse warrior - extended side angle pose - half moon pose

41-49 mins Side plank variations and optional wild thing

49-1h01 Dancing and shaking

1h01-1h10 Constructive rest on back. Reading from Tao Te Ching. Reclined Twist. Savasana & close

Soothing Yoga: Find focus in uncertainty

  • By taking this class you agree to the terms and conditions of participation. Please review these before taking part.

    This class is copwrite of Flow of Potential and intended for personal use by the puchaser ony, wider distribution is not permitted.

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