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Video: Sun Salutations. A 15-minute home yoga practice

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Often I hear that people have been practicing Yoga for many years, but have no idea how to do any practice at home without a teacher. I know I was like this until I did my Yoga teacher training.

Whilst there is now much online content to support a yoga practice, there is something special and beneficial about being able to tune inwards and follow your own body and breath as you move. Plus you're not dependent on internet access!

Sun salutations are a great place to start. There are lots of different versions of Sun Salutation to choose from - the one I teach in the video below is a modern version that is accessible for most people in it's most gentle form.

Once you have it memorised you can customise it to suit you and do it as many times as you like, just remember to do it equally on both sides. It's ideal for the morning, but can be done slowly and gently in the evening.

Warming up first can be helpful, and adds some softer flowing movements to your practice. You could start with seated neck and shoulder rolls or on hands and knees feeling into fluid spinal movements or cat/cow.

To finish the practice, lie on your back and take a reclined twist - knees draw up to your chest and use your belly muscles to lower the legs over to each side for a few breaths. And then the reward. SAVASANA :) Time to close your eyes and relax!

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